Great design comes from great inspiration. Walking on the beach in Barbados or sitting at a cafe in Pamplona, you never know when the next great idea will come charging in… This video’s helpful hint is how to create a palette on the run.

The Color Custodian communicates color with clients around the globe, armed with the first interactive color book. His colleague, Marcus, is still using traditional color specification guides and printed swatches. Which method is fastest and most cost effective? Time for the contest!

Sometimes you need to leave the design studio to recharge your creative batteries. Working from the beach is my personal favorite, but how do you capture and communicate those great color palettes armed with only a laptop? This video’s helpful hint is how to create and share your inspiration without leaving your beach chair.

There are over 16.7 million spectral colors in the RGB system. Have you ever tried to match a digital RGB color up to a paper swatch? Not easy is it? Well, maybe I can help you out. This video’s helpful hint will show you how to translate any digital color into a universal digital color standard — and it only takes a few seconds!

Designers and art directors constantly need to share color swatches with one or more of their colleagues at a time. Paper swatches cost a fortune to print and ship. My question is why? It is like using Pony Express when you have access to e-mail. This video’s helpful hint is how to digitally communicate precise colors and lower your FedEx bill.

Do you speak zenColor? It’s time to learn…

…At just $29.95 a year, zenColorTM designPro costs a fraction of
what you would pay for a paper color guide, won’t fade, and is far more efficient.
So, what are you waiting for?

zenColor™ designPro is available as a standalone desktop app for MAC and WINDOWS.

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